What is a Gummy Smile?

Bullhead City Dentist Discusses Excessive Gingival Display

Usually the first thing you notice about a person is their smile. That’s because a person who smiles is viewed as likable, competent and courteous. To have a beautiful smile, it’s essential that it’s:
Shows the right amount of gum
While unsymmetrical teeth can easily be corrected with cosmetic procedures and discolored teeth can be whitened, what can be done with a gummy smile? Let’s take a look.
What’s a Gummy Smile?
The official terminology for a gummy smile is excessive gingival display. It’s a condition that causes the gum tissue to be overexposed. This often leads to a displeasing and unattractive smile. Generally, it’s measured at more than four millimeters of gum exposed during a smile. However, the patient is normally the one that desires less gum look to their smile and brings it to the attention of the dentist.
This condition is more common in women. As someone ages, this condition often diminishes. There are also several factors which lead to a gummy smile from sex, age and etiological factors. There is nothing that you did that caused a gummy smile; it’s just a part of you. 
Treatment for a Gummy Smile
If you suffer from a gummy smile, there is hope. New cosmetic procedures make it easy to love your smile. You might need modification of the maxillary incisor intrusion through orthodontics. The dentist might also be able to modify the facial growth aspects. Other treatments include gingivectomy, surgical maxillary impaction or apically repositioned flap. There’s also the chance that Botox can be used to restrict the elevation of the upper lip.
These options provide patients with the treatments needed to create a more natural looking smile. Some of them are simple and only take a short time and others are more extensive.
With all the options available through periodontal, orthodontic or cosmetic surgery, it’s easy to reduce the gummy look of a smile. The degree of treatment needed will depend on your circumstances. Sit down with your Bullhead City dentist to discuss what’s available for you. Together, you can create the smile that makes you happier.