Why Do I Grind My Teeth So Often?

Teeth grinding is a destructive habit that many Americans battle with. Most often, a patient suffers from tooth sensitivity but doesn’t understand that they are grinding their teeth which is causing the discomfort. Other people grind their teeth at night and are never aware they do it. Either way, there’s normally a reason that people grind their teeth and the dentist is able to resolve them all.

During a routine checkup, the dentist is able to see the signs of tooth grinding and repair the issue quickly. That’s just another reason attending your six-month exams are so vital.

How can the Dentist Tell I Grind my Teeth?

You might be completely unaware that you’re grinding your teeth, but the dentist knows. A quick inspection at your regular exam shows the signs that signal a problem. Your teeth often exhibit excessive wear or even some chipped edges where the teeth have been rubbing together. They might also indicate an imbalance of how they meet together that wasn’t noticeable at the last visit. These changes tell your dentist that something is wrong and needs attention.

For your best chance of protecting the teeth, it’s crucial to take action immediately.

What Should I Do About Bruxism?

If the condition is caught early enough, your dentist can help you take steps to avoid any further damage to your teeth. They’ll design a custom-fit appliance for you to wear at night. It feels and looks like a sports mouthguard, but is more comfortable and smaller. This protects you from grinding your teeth when you’re not aware and thereby prevents any further damage.

If you face current damage from your teeth grinding, the dentist has numerous treatment options available to you. Make an appointment for a consultation and get back to that healthy, beautiful smile you deserve to have. Learn more with Night guards in Bullhead AZ.